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Babysitting and lawn mowing are tried and true moneymakers for kids, but not every kid has interests in those areas. So, if you have an interest in making money (but are not yet ready for even a part-time job), figure out what you’re good at. That way, you can begin exploring ways to make money that are just right for you. Think out of the box. If you like and do well in math, maybe you can help tutor a younger child who is having trouble. If baking is what you enjoy, why not sell your own brand of cookies? Are you interested in building model planes? Talk and brainstorm with your parents for ways to make it profitable. Even if you make mistakes, you are learning to think like an entrepreneur and come up with enjoyable ways to handle and make money. These are both important skills that are not taught in schools, but will help you deal with the real world later on.  


We know it is hard to save that birthday money from Grandma but do you know how powerful saving can be? By taking two small amounts today – they can add up to bigger amounts down the road. If you were to start when you were 8-years-old and put away just one dollar a day, for instance, you can save over $2,000 by the time you turn sixteen! That’s a lot of money that can be used toward a big purchase, like your first car. Talk to your mom or dad about something you’d like to save up for and then set a reasonable time-frame for you to accomplish that savings goal. Then, it’s your turn to start saving and make that goal a reality! Happy Saving All Star!!


Now that you have money saved…what are you going to use it for? You probably don’t have an endless supply of money on hand so what do you do first? There are some things in this world that you need – those are things you will need to get first. For example, you might want all the new video games but if we spent all our money on video games you might not have enough for food and then you would be hungry and not even able to enjoy the game. That’s why it’s important to get those needs first and the you can spend some money on your wants – the things that we want but that we don’t need to survive. You can even save your money for a bigger want that you can get later.


Learning about money should be fun and edcuational. Becoming a Smart Money All Star is a much about learning about money as it is about saving and mangaing it. Click here for some fun ways to get you started on your financial path.

Why Choose Horizon CU? What makes a CU?

First off, when you join a credit union, you’re part of the family. Once you’re a member, you also become an owner. You get better service and member friendly policies you won’t find at big banks. Since CUs don’t make a profit, they can offer lower fees, ATMs are usually free and interest rates will be higher on savings and certificates. Your credit union is also far more willing to work with you through financial rough patches, be it with lines of credit or budgeting help. Tough financial times won’t get you a cold shoulder here! And speaking of credit, interest rates on all forms of loans will always be lower at your credit union, since they’re not trying to pad their bottom line. It’s great to be part of Horizon CU! Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining.