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What happens when you out grow the piggy bank? The teen years are a prime opportunity for you to continue developing smart money habits that will enrich your financial future. From your first job to your first car, we are here to get you started on the right path to financial success!


Whether they are getting their first real job or doing jobs around the house to earn money, now is the time to start thinking about where and what to do with that hard earned cash. From learning how to read a paycheck to understanding different types of accounts, Horizon CU has the information you need to succeed in being Money Smart.

Money Basics for Members



The most important skill a young earner can learn is the discipline of setting aside funds for future use. Saving is not sexy. It’s much more fun to spend. Unfortunately, at the end of the day, many teens have little to show for their money they may have earned through work, allowance or gifts. The good news is that saving can be just as habit-forming as spending. Click here to see the ways Horizon CU can make it easy to save!


“That’s it. I’m not spending ANY more money for at least three months!” How many times have you made a statement like that, and then go to the mall that very weekend? The bargain deal is just calling your you just can’t pass on it. And then the wallet’s empty. Again. Sound familiar? You buy, then save, and then you splurge. And then save again. And buy again; the cycle feels endless! It doesn't have to be!! Let HCU help you be Money Smart not only in your saving but in your spending too...follow the link for ways to make your money last longer and work smarter.

Overdraft | Budgeting Tool


Keeping a track of your transactions might seem like an outdated habit, but knowing where your money goes is a timeless need. The most obvious reason for keeping your checking account balanced is to have constant tracking of your finances. You’ll never have to worry if this tank of gas is going to put you in the red or that you can’t really afford to meet friends for dinner. In fact, this method can actually provide you more security than checking your balance right from your smartphone. Keeping records can be a great way to get your spending under control. Being forced to write down all your spending also forces you to put an extra step between desire and gratification. Would you really be so quick to whip out plastic to grab a snack if it meant an extra transaction to record? Could you, at the end of the month, justify all those daily indulgences? Click the following links for more ways and ideas on tracking your finances!

Monthly Budget Tool | Budget Tool  


Before you decide borrowing is the right path, consider other options. If you have decided you’re ready to borrow money, it’s important to think about how much debt you can afford. When you’re ready to take the plunge, know exactly how much you need, when you are going to need it, your credit score and the terms you will be borrowing at. After deciding how much you need to borrow and when you need to do it, it’s time to explore and weigh all your options. Click the following links for a quick class on credit cards and auto loans.  

Credit Cards | Auto Loans

Protect Your Identity

How secure is your personal information? In the physical world, a safe and a shredder are your best friends, as well as paying attention to things like how you carry your wallet (and checking its contents daily) and watching your financial statements. SecurLock from HCU can help manage your card by turning it off and on and receiving updates. In the digital world, two-factor authentication is your best friend, while public Wi-Fi is the devil incarnate. Complex passwords are a pain, but identity theft is worse, so use them! Watch for suspicious emails, and keep your malware and virus protection current and active. Click here for more information about keeping you identity safe. Click here to learn more about SecureLOCK from HCU.

Things such as budgeting, refinancing, debt payoff are just a few of the many calculators we have to help get your finances on track!



At Horizon Credit Union we care about the financial decisions you make. We've created short interactive learning modules that will prepare you with the right skills to manage your financial future!

HCU's Financial Education Center


 First off, when you join a credit union, you’re part of the family. Once you’re a member, you also become an owner. You get better service and member friendly policies you won’t find at big banks. Since CUs don’t make a profit, they can offer lower fees, ATMs are usually free and interest rates will be higher on savings and certificates. Your credit union is also far more willing to work with you through financial rough patches, be it with lines of credit or budgeting help. Tough financial times won’t get you a cold shoulder here! And speaking of credit, interest rates on all forms of loans will always be lower at your credit union, since they’re not trying to pad their bottom line. It’s great to be part of Horizon CU! Click here to learn more about the benefits of joining.