Coaching your kids to be Money Smart.

Eight weeks of challenges, topics and information to help you coach your kids to be Money Smart ALL STARS.

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You’re always trying to teach your child how to best manage their money. You want them to be financially savvy. You want them to master impulse control. You want them to know that saved money can grow. But what happens if your lectures aren’t doing the job? How can you influence change when they’ve outgrown the piggybank? The solution is simple: Open a Money Smart All Stars Youth Account at HCU! Your child will have a safe place for their money to grow and an extended team to help them make smart money choices! They’ll be given an account with their own name on it, a debit card if you chose and as a joint account owner, you can even put a spending limits and control when the card is off or on so your All Star can learn to be money smart! How’s that for an educational tool that teaches lifelong skills? Try it for yourself. Open a Money Smart All Stars Youth account for your All Star today.  

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Tips for Kids

It is never to early to start teaching and involving your kids in money managment. That’s why it’s best to give your kids a head start on money management and saving. As a parent or guardian, remember that the lessons you plant today will take root and blossom, enriching your child’s life for years to come. Visit here with your child for great tips on becoming a Money Smart all star today!  

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Tips for Teens

There are lot's of money choices in your teens future! Make sure they are prepared with the skills to be the star player in their financial future. Click here to find information tailored just for you when you've outgrown the piggy bank!  

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For Parents

We know it's a tough challenge to coach your kids on money issues. It's never too early to start giving them the foundation and skills to make them All Star Money Smart. Horizon CU has the experienced team to back you up every step of the way! Link up here to get some Money Smart ways to coach your kids to be All Stars with their finances.  

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